The Actor's Intensive



"This is a must workshop for an actor--
Actors might hone the art of acting but it is the art of business that synchronizes the dream into a practical reality--Rozanne is an excellent facilitator with a lifetime of experience--you won't regret this guidance." Stephen Farrell

AI ACTOR HEADSHOTS by Suzanne Sheridan



Rozanne Gates former NYC Actor's Agent and Author



Do you want to be a working actor? Learn about the acting business from an agent's perspective and how you can benefit from knowing the Tools of The Trade. Your workshop fee includes a 4 hour workshop on the Business of Acting by former agent and the author of "How to Succeed in the Business of Show Business...or everything they don't tell you in acting school but I will" - Rozanne Gates.  Also included will be a copy of the book and a professional headshot. 

Rozanne launched the careers of Edward Norton, William H. Macy, Joe Mantegna, Lynne Thigpen, Howard E. Rollins, Chris Noth, Rainn Wilson, and Robert Prosky.  Rozanne has taught the Business of Acting at Columbia University, Stella Adler/Tisch at NYU, SUNY-Purchase, SMU, University of Connecticut, Central Connecticut State University, Rutgers University, and University of Nebraska.

Suzanne Sheridan Headshot Photographer


“The best photographer in New York is…in Westport, Connecticut”

Suzanne Sheridan has been photographing actors (among others) for over 20 years and is well known in the industry for her ability to capture a person's true character and create a headshot that will get you noticed and "in the door." 

What sets her apart is not only the compelling true-to-life quality of her photos, but how in fact she achieves that result. She incorporates a relaxation technique prior to beginning the photo session to help actors become present. Many of the actors she has photographed have gotten cast based on their headshot. 

Your images will be reviewed and placed on a USB stick for you to take with you.

I recently used the headshots I had taken at Actor's Intensive Maine and signed with an agency in Portland! I'm excited to see what comes next. Thank you for your help!    Jennifer

Thank you, Rozanne, for a very informative and enjoyable workshop. The information was well-articulated and thought-provoking. Please thank Suzanne as well for her generous input.    Joe


"How to Succeed in the Business of Show Business: or everything they don't tell you in acting school but I will" is written for actors at all levels who want to understand what is expected of them from the agent's point of view. Although many titles are currently available on the subject of acting as a business, this is the only book written from the agent's point of view. A surgical procedure as described from the patient's point of view or from the surgeon's point of view will give you two different points of view - this book gives the 'surgeon's' point of view. The actor who is prepared to understand how the business of show business works, how the casting community functions, and how to integrate the craft of acting with the business of acting will in all likelihood be a successful and money-making actor, therefore attractive to all agents. It is a 'good read' with lots of true stories. It gives you not only very valid and validating information but it sets out a lifestyle that, if followed, will lead you to a rewarding career as an actor.


“I must say, since having moved to New York to work as a performer, I have harked back to your class many times and implemented not a few of your teachings.”

“I really love that book.  great info/inspiration.”

“I have a favor to ask, I loaned out your book and cannot remember who has 

it!!  I have racked my brain and cannot remember. I loved that book!!  I am leaving for Sag Harbor Monday for the entire summer. I would love to have it w/ me for this class.”

“I wanted to thank you for your wonderful book! My father is a camera man from ABC news, about two weeks ago you gave him an autographed copy of your new book for me.

When I got this book, I couldn't put it down! It is so wonderful to have this book as a tool for my career, it is filled with the wonderful advice and practical information that I'm sure will be useful for many years to come. As a freshman Musical Theater major, I appreciate any and all information I can get regarding 'the business'. So again, I thank you!”

“I just wanted to thank you again for the advice and inspiration you gave me

during your classes last month. The things you taught me are currently

helping me pursue my career with confidence and enthusiasm. As I type this I'm taking a break from creating a data base of the agents and casting

directors who we went over in the Call Sheet, and all the production

companies I've submitted to. I'm organizing a mass mailing to all the legit agents in town, and I'm excited! I've got the right tools to introduce

myself  honestly and professionally to others in the industry. Again, thanks for sharing your experience with us."

"Hi Rozanne - just received the book yesterday - what wonderful things I

learned about you! - I flipped through it and read some random pages which I

am marking for my daughter to read.  She is only 12 and has lots of

idealistic dreams (as she should!) but this book seems to give some very

realistic info about discipline, hard work and education with I think will

be great for her to hear."

"Dear Rozanne

Thank you from my whole spirit.

Inspirations that you gave us are exactly what I needed.

Now It is my turn to pass on these inspirations.  Being an actor, I can do

it to so many spirits.

I am ready to go because of you.

My deepest gratitude.

First I wanted to let you know that the workshop you gave at Studio 5 was

soooo helpful, I feel much more at ease with all the wonderful advice you